The Science Behind Doctor Gut

The Science Behind

Doctor Gut


Natural mineral clay diosmectite has been used since ancient times as humans believed in its therapeutic benefits. There are many published studies showing its safety after long term oral administration.

Diosmectite has been shown to be an effective treatment for diarrhoea since as early as 1961. In this study 97% of diarrhoea caused by different factors such as virus infection, food allergy, and food poisoning, was treated successfully by administration of diosmectite.

Since the 1960’s, there have been many studies in both adults and children with acute gastrointestinal infection to show that diosmectite can shorten the course of acute diarrhoea and reduce the occurrence of prolonged diarrhoea. In addition, studies have shown that it does not interfere with the electrolyte balance in the body, is well tolerated by patients and has minimal or no side effects.



Abdominal bloating is a common complaint in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS and has been attributed to intestinal gas accumulation. In recent years, several studies have reported simethicone to be effective in the management of some functional digestive disorders.

It is thought to relieve bloating and distension by altering the elasticity of the gas bubbles allowing larger gas bubbles to form which may be passed much more quickly, and with less discomfort.

Prebiotic Fibres

Prebiotics are different types of fibres that are selectively used by gut microorganisms, thereby conferring a health benefit to the body.

The prebiotics found in Doctor Gut diarrhoea relief increase the numbers of bifidobacteria in the human gut. This is thought to benefit our health through the replacement of so-called unfriendly bacteria and correcting the immune system.

As research interest in prebiotics grows, analysis of an increasing number of types of fibres and the food they are found in are being undertaken, to try and establish the full extent of their ability to influence gut health.

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Doctor Gut Range

IBS Relief

Relieves IBS symptoms of:

Contains simethicone + diosmectite which relieves IBS symptoms by removing harmful substances from the gut and forming a protective barrier to the gut lining.

Diarrhoea Relief

Relieves IBS symptoms of:

Contains diosmectite in easy to take liquid sachets and is suitable for children aged 2+ and adults.

Bloating Relief

Relieves symptoms of:

Contains diosmectite + simethicone which helps gas bubbles in the gut to combine more easily, allowing for easier less painful passage of gas.